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This multi-functional comforter is innovatively designed to create a microclimate around you to keep you comfortable wherever you are. 

Microclimate technology eliminates the idea of cooling/heating your entire home/room to keep you comfortable saving your energy bills.

The innovative technology design uses solid state cooling/heating system making it the eco-friendliest comforter. 

Using this product reduces your carbon footprint which is otherwise not possible when you use traditional cooling systems which either works on Water or harmful HFCs. This also makes our product maintenance free.

This multi-functional comforter works as cooler + heater + fan.

You can use this comforter year-round as it has both heater and cooler along with the fan. It keeps you at a comfortable temperature during sunny days as well keeps you warm during winter. 

Above all, this device can be used outdoors as well whether you are out for camping or just relaxing in your backyard.

We have also included Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your music effortlessly and USB ports to charge your mobile devices.

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