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  • Who are we?
    India has only 7% installed AC, and it is bound to increase rapidly due to Global warming. We wanted to help tackle the demand for AC and power consumption by introducing Evobrz - a personal portable air conditioner; which cools personal space instead of cooling an entire room while cutting power consumption to 1/5th compared to other air conditioners in the market. And this unit finally brings a long-awaited solution to the open-ambiance air conditioner; an AC for outdoors professionals like a farmer, shop-keepers, student, travel enthusiast, or film crew can get the comfort of an air conditioner in an open ambiance. Above all, it is an eco-friendly product which is good for the pocket and great for the environment.
  • What makes evobrz unique?
    Evobrz is the first of its kind in India, as it is a handheld portable personal AC that is lighter and quieter like no other. Evobrz saves up to 2500/month in power bills. In other words, it pays for itself in 6 months. An AC for everyone and anyone as it works in both open and closed ambiance. Finally, an Air conditioner for travel enthusiasts, campers, shop-keepers, film crew, civil engineers, and medical camp users.
  • Why we love what we do?
    We love science, and we are crazy technology enthusiasts who want to bring innovative solutions for the world to adapt. Evobrz is our first innovative solution to the world. It gives us a sense of saving nature and helping people looking for a cooling solution as it is light on the pocket and friendly to the environment.
  • Are our products high quality?
    Our goal is to reduce pollution and global warming, and the consumption of natural resources. So all our product designs and material selection adhere to the highest quality standards so that the product has high durability and longevity.
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