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Carry the coolness

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

With summers getting hotter and hotter, year by year, Air conditioners have become a very common thing even among the middle classes and lower-middle classes in India. Not just summers, even in monsoons, due to global warming, there are many days when we have to sit in an air-conditioned room to get comfort from the heat which is why Air conditioners have become such a common thing in India but the irony is, that Air conditioners are one of the major contributors to global warming. According to BBC News, the IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which was released in October 2018, has been called the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures. 

Of course, having this discussion in THE YEAR 2020, we have got to talk about the CORONA VIRUS, which has reminded and taught us that being eco-friendly is so important, important than any other necessity or luxury. We use Air Conditioners to save ourselves from the heat, which merely gives us temporary comfortable conditions in our room, but the Air Conditioners are not only worsening the situation outside the room but also inside. Yes! Talking about Coronavirus, many recent research studies have stated that this virus can transmit through the air. As air conditioners are used in closed spaces/rooms, the air in the room is cooled by pushing the hot air out while recirculating the same air without contact from the atmosphere, i.e., you are breathing in what someone else is breathing out.

We think that we do not have any other choice because it has been the convention that polluting the ecology and spending huge amounts of money is inevitable to comfort ourselves. If not Air conditioners, we end up buying air coolers for lesser thousands of money that consume 20 liters to 70 liters of water, which is a lot but never mind because we came up with a product which is much more than just a solution to these problems and it is called Evobrz.

Evobrz - Your personal eco-friendly air-conditioner

Evobrz is a personal cooling unit that provides spot cooling, hence the need to cool an entire room or enclosure has been carted off. It is a compact, hand-held device that can be carried around to any place, be it a hill-top or a cubicle in an office.

Make your personal space cool with a device that is built for your comfort

What makes Evobrz different from a conventional Air Conditioner?

Evobrz is a personal cooling unit that can be carried along with you anywhere you go and it is designed to use both indoors and outdoors, unlike the traditional air-conditioners designed for closed spaces.

Talking about that, not all Air conditioners exchange inside air with the outside air and the typical domestic Air conditioners do not exchange air with the atmosphere. It merely recirculates the air which leads to the risk of COVID transmission. In the case of our product, Evobrz, you do not have to close the doors/windows, so there is enough exchange of air, and also you are getting the spot cooling, which is the first and the best of its kind, isn't it?

What makes Evobrz different from Air coolers?

It is pretty simple; air coolers are way out of date. They consume a lot of water and there are air coolers that require more than 70 liters of water every day. The air coolers with traditional grass systems require a lot of maintenance every year, which is time-consuming and the air coolers with synthetic grass are very sensitive and are not carry-friendly.

 *Our product, Evobrz doesn't require water to cool the air*

The Eco-friendliness of Evobrz

Most air conditioners use a refrigerant that results in gaseous emissions that contribute to global warming and ozone layer depletion. Some studies predict that by the year 2050, roughly 25% of global warming will be caused by air conditioners, which is alarming. Coming to Evobrz, it uses a non-ozone depleting Freon-free refrigerant with a low Global warming potential(GWP) coefficient, which makes it eco friendly and this product consumes just 250 W/Hour, which is only as much as 2 and a half 100 W electric bulbs.

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17 nov 2021

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